They are hoping you fall for it…hook, line and sinker. We hope you don't.

What's Phishing?

Phishing is a scam that uses email to deceive you into disclosing personal information. Criminals send thousands of e-mails hoping to trick some into falling for their scam. The email may appear to come from BestBank, but it does not. It may sound urgent and warn you to update or verify your bank information by clicking on the link contained in the email. The linked website and email are fraudulent but may look like a legitimate site and even display the logo.

These e-mails are fake and do not come from BestBank. No bank, including BestBank, will ever ask you to provide confidential banking information through an email or link.

How to avoid being phished

If you receive an email from BestBank requesting personal information such as Social Security number, bank and credit card numbers, usernames and passwords:

  • DO NOT reply to the email, even if it appears urgent.
  • DO NOT use the links inside the email to open any Web page.
  • DO NOT call any phone numbers appearing in the email.
  • DO use an anti-spam program which can keep many phishing emails out of your in box.
  • DO alert BestBank immediately at 1-800-235-4636.


The Newest Scam to Watch For

This new scam is related to phishing. The difference is that the email asks you to call a phone number. If you call, an automated system will ask questions to find out your banking information. This phone number does not go to the bank - instead it goes to a fraudulent location where your information is stolen.

How to Avoid Being Vished

Use only phone numbers that appear on your bank statement, in the phone book or on the back of your BestBank Debit card. DO NOT use the number provided in the email.

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